„The Highest Place in The Forest”
Online marketing agency with focus on PPC.

Canopy Story

We drew inspiration from the far reaches of the tallest trees found in the rainforest. In the rainforest the race for sunlight is essential. Everybody aims for it, but only the best prepared make it to the very top and get to bask in the warm rays. We took the same path, and after years of gathering experience and adding passion to our every attempts, we made it. Canopy is in sight. Our creed is to use our skills in PPC, digital strategy, CRO, online marketing training and Analytics and take our partners to new heights in their industry.


• Results are the core of our online marketing strategies and the only way we work.
• Whether your goal is more sales, better specialists in your team or just more leads, we won’t rest until we’ve achieved the results you desire.


• For us it’s not just a keyword, we have hundreds of partners who trust us.
• We developed for them complete digital strategies, online campaigns and branding solutions. We have advanced tools at our disposal that can help us get you the best possible conversion rates.

Focus on you

• We believe in personalized solutions for every partner – they are our conductors.
• We’ve helped startups, market leaders, e-Commerce, Fashion, Health, Finance, Beauty, Auto, Travel, Retail, Telecom businesses…and much more to find the right solution.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube, Instagram Ads.

Complete digital strategy

Building a memorable and profitable business together.

Personalized training sessions

We’re here to help you grow top assets in your company, based on your needs.

Conversion Rate Growth

Our impactful optimizations will make you love your conversion rate.


Knowing what to track is just as important as reaching for the first place.

Do you need custom solutions?

Let’s talk about your business needs. Contact us.

We are Canopy

Chief Canopyst

Cristian Ignat

With over ten years’ experience, online marketing is the second nature to Cristian. His specialty is PPC advertising and he has time-and-time-again proved himself to be an expert. He’s been able to consistently build successful campaigns for industry leaders and startups alike. Cristian was also one of the first ever Adwords certified trainers in Romania and has talked at over a hundred events in the CEE. He is the only Romanian speaker from Hero Conf. London, the biggest PPC event worldwide.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra is an online groupie. She is a highly-talented member of our team with a great deal of experience in both PPC campaigns and overall online strategies. As one of the Romanian market PPC ambassadors, PPC strategies are her favorite type of project to work on because of the direct and accurate results they can generate – and the money they can save! – for our clients. She’s also a keen blogger, contributor, and public speaker.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Andreea Burada

When it comes to AdWords and PPC, it was love at first sight for her. The unique strategies she develops for our clients are unmatched. Having taught herself everything about digital marketing from scratch, Andreea knows pretty much every strategy in the book and she’s always looking for the next big idea.

PPC Canopyst

Georgiana Diaconescu

Office Affairs Canopyst

Ana Roantă

Ana has over eight years’ experience in the administrative field and her organization skills are through the roof. She is a true magician that makes sure our legal and financial processes run as smoothly as possible.

PPC Growth Canopyst

Eugen Predescu

You’ll never meet anyone more ambitious than Eugen. A self-taught man who’s got over seven years’ experience in the insurance field, he one day took an interest in digital marketing. In our team, Eugen strengthened his knowledge in many PPC platforms and beyond. Eugen uses his experience daily in order to bring results to Canopy’ customers through PPC campaigns, usability and conversion optimization recommendations.

PPC Apprentice Canopyst

Mihai Ciubotariu

Mihai a descoperit AdWords și strategiile pay-per-click la cursurile Online Marketing Academy, organizate de Google. El zice că a fost prins în mrejele PPC-ului încă de la început și noi îl credem pe cuvânt. E suficient să îi observi pasiunea și entuziasmul pentru fiecare nouă campanie pe care o lansează. În cazul lui, certificările Google obținute dau randament maxim împreună cu ambiția, creativitatea și umorul din dotare.
Mihai este unul dintre cei care mizează pe online pentru succes, considerând că acesta îți oferă libertatea de a jongla cu diverse strategii, care de cele mai multe ori sunt win-win pentru fiecare companie.

PPC Apprentice Canopyst

Cristian Mincă

Chief Smiles Catnopyst


Nopy discovered the online marketing world from his first weeks of life and he is as keen on it as the rest of the team. We see this every day, we don’t know anyone who is more attentive to the movements of a mouse than our colleague. Nopy is fascinated by AdWords interface and by any kind of data analysis, an enthusiasm which is not trying to hide it when climbing under the colleagues’ desk to closely monitor every sign of their laptop screen. He took up his duties with responsibility and became the most popular brand ambassador.
FAQ: The breed is Persian. It’s playful and no one was injured during our office activities.

Chief Grace Catnopyst


Sheeba fits perfectly into the world of online marketing. She knows how to conquer any visitor at a glance and manages to get at least one conversion from each interaction – even without a direct call-to-action. She convinced us from the very first meeting but she became a Canopy team member after a short internship where Nopy intensively tested her teamwork, adaptation and resistance to stress skills. Now she is working together with Nopy and are a couple with great potential to impose themselves on the market.

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