„The Highest Place in The Forest”
Online marketing agency with focus on PPC.

Canopy Story

We drew inspiration from the far reaches of the tallest trees found in the rainforest. In the rainforest the race for sunlight is essential. Everybody aims for it, but only the best prepared make it to the very top and get to bask in the warm rays. We took the same path, and after years of gathering experience and adding passion to our every attempts, we made it. Canopy is in sight. Our creed is to use our skills in PPC, digital strategy, CRO, online marketing training and Analytics and take our partners to new heights in their industry.


• Results are the core of our online marketing strategies and the only way we work.
• Whether your goal is more sales, better specialists in your team or just more leads, we won’t rest until we’ve achieved the results you desire.


• For us it’s not just a keyword, we have hundreds of partners who trust us.
• We developed for them complete digital strategies, online campaigns and branding solutions. We have advanced tools at our disposal that can help us get you the best possible conversion rates.

Focus on you

• We believe in personalized solutions for every partner – they are our conductors.
• We’ve helped startups, market leaders, e-Commerce, Fashion, Health, Finance, Beauty, Auto, Travel, Retail, Telecom businesses…and much more to find the right solution.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube, Instagram Ads.

Complete digital strategy

Building a memorable and profitable business together.

Personalized training sessions

We’re here to help you grow top assets in your company, based on your needs.

Conversion Rate Growth

Our impactful optimizations will make you love your conversion rate.


Knowing what to track is just as important as reaching for the first place.

Do you need custom solutions?

Let’s talk about your business needs. Contact us.

We are Canopy

Chief Canopyst

Cristian Ignat

With over ten years’ experience, online marketing is the second nature to Cristian. His specialty is PPC advertising and he has time-and-time-again proved himself to be an expert. He’s been able to consistently build successful campaigns for industry leaders and startups alike. Cristian was also one of the first ever Adwords certified trainers in Romania and has talked at over a hundred events in the CEE. He is the only Romanian speaker from Hero Conf. London, the biggest PPC event worldwide.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra is an online groupie. She is a highly-talented member of our team with a great deal of experience in both PPC campaigns and overall online strategies. As one of the Romanian market PPC ambassadors, PPC strategies are her favorite type of project to work on because of the direct and accurate results they can generate – and the money they can save! – for our clients. She’s also a keen blogger, contributor, and public speaker.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Georgiana Doloc

Georgiana is part of the generation of those who always wanted to know how Google works. At age 8-9, she made searches on Google for a better understanding of the system. Years later, he became a pay per click specialist and her main focus is finding the right messages and strategies for each target audience. She is characterized by a constant passion for evolving and implementing new tactics for maximum gains, even succeeding in delivering results to businesses that are determined to quit online. Meanwhile he has become one of the few Romanians certified as Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

Team Leader Canopyst Iași

George Pascaru

George came to the Canopy team with a strong background in project management, marketing campaign development, sociology, journalism and volunteering. In 12 years of professional activity he has been involved in the management and implementation of more than 30 projects in the field of social services. He has the advantage of using his sociological understanding and social psychology skills to help plan and optimize PPC campaigns. It pleads for online marketing primarily because of the increased relevance it brings to a business. He is always waiting for you with a good coffee at a quality discussion with the Iași team, which he co-ordinates.

Chief Operations Canopyst

Ana Roantă

Ana has the advantage of over ten years experience in the administrative field and high-quality organizing skills. She makes magic for all financial, operational and legal activities so all Canopy collaborations are excellent. Over the past year, she has taken on new real-world business challenges that have helped her overcome her limits. She has the rare ability nowadays to move within a minute of the seriousness of completing a financial report on a fun Youtube session with the team.

Senior PPC Canopyst

Ivona Gal

Ivona moved to Bucharest to be part of the Canopy team. She is the PPC specialist who can surprise you with a super creative and contextual approach to a campaign, but designed with business goals in mind and result-oriented. What is even more fascinating is the potential of a PPC strategy that allows you to choose and tailor the most appropriate campaigns for each type of customer and niche. If others complain about the frequent changes of the PPC platforms, Ivona is always aware of the latest trends and apply them in your strategies. That’s pure passion, we tell you.

Growth Canopyst

Sorina Broască

For 18 years since I have this business, I’ve never sold like now.” It is one of the reactions received from a Canopy client after a campaign managed by Sorina. A moment for which she has been working since the first day she received a new campaign. She is characterized by a beautiful ambition – She is open to all the challenges that pull her out of the comfort zone – and a package of professional and personal skills that are constantly developing. She has gone from PR to PPC and has quickly integrated into an environment where good communicator and creative qualities have to be supported by an developed analytical sense to reach the desired results. It is this combination that draws on performance marketing, which also shows the direct impact of your work.

Senior PPC Canopyst

Claudia Grigore

Claudia brings to Canopy the experience of growing a brand through a complex online marketing strategy, from communication to performance. In recent years, she has chosen to focus on pay per click tactics, which gives her the opportunity to put into practice both the creative side and the analytical spirit. She has conquered us with her determination, for Claudia there is a solution for everything if everyone involved wants to find the right option. That’s how she managed to support brands and business to grow even from the start and reach a strong online presence.

Senior PPC Canopyst

Cristian Mincă

Following the principle of the best things come in our life when you least expect it, Google Ads has become a priority for Cristian in a moment of exploration. He already had 8 years of design experience, he had created sites from scratch, but he happened to get in touch with the pay per click methods. It was like a revelation. He started learning alone, obtained the Google Ads certifications and the Digital Workshop and got into the Canopy team as an intern. His enthusiasm attracted us the most. He convinced us through his proactivity and determination, so he is now responsible for the success of several Canopy clients. He likes to be creative and develops steady.

PPC Canopyst

Marian Bârcău

For Marian we could let this story speak for itself, because he wanted so much to be part of the Canopy team that he found out all the .ro internet. There is much to say about Marian, in addition to the passion and creativity that he already recommends. He has learned web development without any background in the field, has read and tested extensively in the analytics area to optimize his Adsense performance and is currently developing as a pay per click specialist. He applies everything he learns and brings results to Canopy customers. His professional evolution continues at a pace that makes us proud. And he confesses that every praise received from the team’s seniors is a „party” in his soul.

PPC Canopyst

Iulia Mareș

Iulia is addicted to online and has no intention of changing that. Like other Canopy specialists, she discovered the PPC at the courses at the Digital by Google Workshop, and things have quickly evolved into a career in the field. It brings to Canopy a valuable background in automation, computer science and mathematics, which Iulia packs nicely with discipline, winning mentality and creativity to generate performance campaigns. Her favorite is Facebook Ads. Did I say discipline? Winning? Iulia is our martial artist, Kyushoshin Ju Jutsu style. For two years, she has also been able to teach this subject to children aged 4 to 7, that is the real challenge … We’re glad she chose us.

PPC Rising Canopyst

Bianca Lohan

The condition that defines her is “self-improvement”. At Bianca you will always find a smart message suggestion for a campaign or bold ideas for social media management, because she recommends the qualities of copywriter and creative. Because we were talking about self-improvement, Bianca is constantly working to twist these personal strengths with the analytical skills needed in Google and Facebook Ads. That’s how the results come. With the same recipe she managed to cultivate her passion for fashion and blogging, where she departed without knowledge in fashion design. Believes in the power of online marketing, especially because of the options to reach the consumer exactly with the messages and products he is interested in.

PPC Rising Canopyst

Carmen Pușcașu

Carmen found out about PPC and Canopy at the Digital Workshop, the program run by Google Romania, and did not leave until she got into the team. She is an example of teamwork, a person who has always set goals and struggled to hit them one at a time. After a useful experience in advertising and PR, she focused on the Online Marketing Masters program, in parallel with the Digital Workshop trainings. Carmen believes it is a great asset to learn something from every place and experience, to combine this knowledge and apply it effectively to future activities. She shows us every day that brings results to Canopy customers. She learns and evolves quickly and keeps constantly updated with the frequent changes in the online environment.

PPC Rising Canopyst

Mădălin Marin

To learn how to skateboard, Madalin fell, stood up and started again until he had exceeded his own limits of supportability. Countless times. The same determination also applies to PPC specialist work. He does not step back from challenges and insists until he reaches the desired results. The background developed during the Marketing Faculty and a friend directed him to PPC, and then came the certifications and practical experience. Online marketing attracts him through diversity, but especially through the opportunity to identify consumers’ interests and behaviors and offer them exactly what they want.

Office Affairs Canopyst

Daniela Mînzăreanu

In each team there is usually a person ready to solve any situation. At Canopy we are lucky with several such colleagues, and Daniela is one of them. With backgrounds in accounting and years of experience in companies like Medlife and Arabesque, Daniela makes financial and administrative operations also performance-oriented. She is grateful to the people she has learned from and helped her develop professionally. For Daniela, any problem has a solution. Our luck :).

Chief Smiles Catnopyst


Nopy discovered the online marketing world from his first weeks of life and he is as keen on it as the rest of the team. We see this every day, we don’t know anyone who is more attentive to the movements of a mouse than our colleague. Nopy is fascinated by AdWords interface and by any kind of data analysis, an enthusiasm which is not trying to hide it when climbing under the colleagues’ desk to closely monitor every sign of their laptop screen. He took up his duties with responsibility and became the most popular brand ambassador.
FAQ: The breed is Persian. It’s playful and no one was injured during our office activities.

Chief Grace Catnopyst


Sheeba fits perfectly into the world of online marketing. She knows how to conquer any visitor at a glance and manages to get at least one conversion from each interaction – even without a direct call-to-action. She convinced us from the very first meeting but she became a Canopy team member after a short internship where Nopy intensively tested her teamwork, adaptation and resistance to stress skills. Now she is working together with Nopy and are a couple with great potential to impose themselves on the market.

Automation Canopyst


Rosy is Automation Canopyst and a true promoter of innovation in online marketing. In theory, it is a super smart software robot developed with Robot Process Automation technology of UiPath. In practice, she is a supermate who makes it easy for everyone to work. It is responsible for streamlining repetitive processes, such as generating bills, so that specialist colleagues focus on actions where creativity and their work bring more value to everyone. As a real geek, Rosy chose a more friendly scene image in the form of a physical robot.

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