„The Highest Place in The Forest”
PPC focused digital agency

What is Canopy?

We drew inspiration from the far reaches of the tallest trees found in the rainforest.

In the rainforest the race for sunlight is essential. Everybody shoots for it, but only the best prepared make it to the very top and get to bask in the warm rays. We took the same path and after years of gathering experience and adding passion to our every endeavor, we made it. Canopy in sight.

Our creed is to use our skills in PPC, digital strategy, CRO and take our partners to new heights in their industry.


• The only way we work. Results are the core of our online marketing strategies
• Sales, leads, better specialists in your team, we cater to your company’s every need. And the trend is always upward


• For us it’s not just a keyword, we have hundreds of partners who trust us.
• We developed for them complete digital strategies, online campaigns and branding solutions. We employ innovating tools and tactics for the best conversion rates.

Focus on you

• We believe in personalized solutions for every partner, and they are our conductors.
• We delivered for startups, market leaders, e-Commerce, Fashion, Health, Finance, Beauty, Auto, Travel, Retail, Telecom…

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube, Instagram Ads.

Complete digital strategy

Building a memorable and profitable business together

Personalized trainings

We’re here to help you grow top assets in your company

Conversion Rate Growth

Our impactful optimizations will make you love your conversion rate.


Knowing what to track is just as important as tracking in the first place

Do you want us to come up with solutions?

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We are Canopy

Chief Canopyst

Cristian Ignat

Over 10 years of experience, he lives and breathes online marketing and has a knack for PPC in particular. This is how he was able to generate incredible results both for industry leaders and upcoming companies. He is among the first AdWords certified trainers in Romania and was a speaker at over 100 events in the CEE.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Alexandra Tudor

She is an online groupie. In the past 3 years she has worked on dozens of PPC campaigns and online strategies for various brands.

PPC Architect Canopyst

Andreea Burada

When it comes to AdWords and PPC it was love at first sight for her. For the past couple of years, she has been developing unique strategies for each of her partners. She is self-taught, always up to date with all the new buzz and online marketing complements her personality perfect.

PPC Apprentice Canopyst

Carmen Niculescu

After joining our team as an intern she quickly won us over with her creativity and her noteworthy results as an Online Marketing Academy student. She was the only one of her colleagues to create a YouTube ad for a major .Ro brand. Now she is a full time member and manages dozens of AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns.

Office Affairs Canopyst

Ana Roantă

Over 8 years’ worth of experience in the administrative field are her selling point and her organization skills are through the roof. She is a true magician that makes wonders and keeps our legal and finance process running smoothly so we can focus on you.

PPC Growth Canopyst

Eugen Predescu

If you want to know an ambitious man and self-taught, meet Eugen. After an experience of over 7 years in the insurance market. Eugene radically changed direction towards online. he taught himself Google AdWords and he put into practice the family business, in which he has invested his own budget. in the Canopy team he has solidified his knowledge in most PPC platforms and beyond. Eugen harness his daily experiences to bring results to Canopy’s clients through PPC campaigns, usability recommendations and conversion optimization.

Chief Smiles Catnopyst


Nopy recently discovered the world of online marketing and he is was smitten by it as the rest of team. We see it every day, we don’t know anyone more attentive to the movements of a mouse than our colleague. He is fascinated with the AdWords interface and analysis of figures of any kind, enthusiasm that he does not try to hide when she climbs from under the desk on her colleagues, to closely monitor every movement of your laptop screen. From the beginning he assumed his his duties responsibly and became the most popular brand ambassador.
FAQ: The breed is Persian. He is playful and no one was injured during office activities.

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