Animated Videos

The best story of your brand is conveyed through video!

Why animations?

Animated videos are about memories, they express something worth remembering and unique to that specific brand.
A great animation is when people can resonate through what they see (and hear). Every visual, story and emotion transmitted through our animated videos are inspired from the specifics of each brand. Video – the best choice to build awareness around your brand. How much is your brand worth to you?​ The cost of an animation depends on the it’s length, complexity and storyline.

Let’s talk about promoting your brand through video

Case study:
The animated video of Canopy

Human resources are a real challenge for the Romanian market, so inevitably we were also confronted with this challenge ourselves. To address it, we came up with a new approach through which we can attract the most awesome newcomers.

We used the following animation:

We created over 50 animated videos until now: